About Us

Who We Are

Universal Management is a team of experts and consultants in the area of accounting and consulting, as a result of the accumulation of long experience gained through working in the largest international and local institutions, you will find those who are able to give advice in various fields, financial and financial sectors, and creating financial solutions to help customers develop their business, as well as strong and distinctive relationships with public and private entities.

  • Accounts and auditing
  • Accounting Records
  • Books Keeping
  • VAT Consultancy

Our Mission

Providing a financial and tax services consulting to our clients whether on a monthly or annual basis. in a professional manner , which exceed all expectations and ambitions, furthermore building a solid relationship of mutual trust with our customers in the UAE.

Our Vision

To become the first choice in the field of financial and tax services consulting to customers, through our work and our credibility with customers throughout inside United Arab Emirates.

Our Values

Trust and confidence to strengthen our credibility and our position with customers to create a long relationship with them, through the quality of advisory services which we care to be not less than other local and international companies .In addition our works being overseen by the company’s top creativity and  professionalism  consultants, to be equal with our customers’ trust to us. Which leads us to provide services at a high level up to their ambitions if not exceeded. And to what our customers seeks from us transparency and attention to everything related to their business, and provide all necessary to satisfy customers.

Higher Management

What distinguishes (Universal Management) is that it enjoys 100% local management .it focus on providing the highest levels of services, ideas, solutions and financial advice that are in line with the requirements of the modern time, which is desired by every UAE citizen and resident in the land of the United Arab Emirates.