What We Do

We provide to the customers all services that contribute to the provision of efforts and money. On the one hand, there is no fixed salary, bonuses, insurance and work permits for employees, In Addition our services are concentrated in all areas of accounting, for example Financials preparation Tax Return and Auditing , and not limited to:

  • Project’s study & evaluation with consulting.
  • Economic feasibility study and Reports .
  • Value Added Tax Services
  • Settlement of accounts and Bank statements..
  • Cash flows and the calculation of their size.
  • Salaries , wages and regulation of disbursement.
  • Calculation and preparation of fixed assets Reports and estimation of their depreciation.
  • Suppliers And Customers Accounting.
  • Working on financial, Accounting and administrative reports.
  • Payments and cash distributions.
  • Entering invoices for sales, purchases and bond payments.
  • Stores accounting, Inventory of materials and give an assessment to the owners.